A Neurosurgeon’s Notebook

By Chris Adams Free to download

This unique book describes an expert neurosurgeon′s way of avoiding trouble in the clinic and the operating theatre. Mr Adams, an internationally recognized neurosurgeon and teacher, has trained numerous neurosurgical fellows from around the world including the US, Japan, Australia, Europe and South Africa. The book contains his pearls of wisdom after a lifetime of neurosurgical practice. It is a distillation from his own notebook, which contains 30 years′ worth of clinical cases (and both his successes and failures).

It is with considerable humility that I offer my small notebook. I do not know if I have succeeded, even partially, but if I have provoked surgeons to think and ponder, if only to reject rather than to accept, then I will be content. The bare bones of what I have tried to record will not date and should be as relevant today as they were 100 years ago and will be in 100 years' time.

What then, in essence, is this book about? It is my way of avoiding getting into trouble as much as possible. Who then is this book for? For anyone particularly interested in avoiding getting into trouble! It is not just for trainees but also for trained neurosurgeons who have embarked on their professional careers. Some aspects of surgery discussed in this notebook are very basic (but very important) while some quite sophisticated areas are also addressed. Whoever you are and at whatever stage you are at, I hope you enjoy and profit from reading this small notebook. As I have said, I hope it will become your notebook and perhaps you can even jot down your disasters at the back! I wish you luck. See Rule 16.

The book is not intended as a comprehensive textbook of neurosurgery but covers those areas that cause difficulty for trainees and qualified surgeons alike. There are unique chapters on:

  • – neuroanatomy (with two sheets of origami to aid learning)
  • – handy hints on history taking and neurological examination
  • – fundamental surgical principles
  • – talking with patients
  • – unusual pathologies to watch out for and
  • – operative technical tips

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“Chris Adams has produced a unique and important product presenting and distilling to their essence a multiplicity of essential points, gleaned and intelligently perceived during an intense and challenging, practical and academic neurosurgical career. These are points which serve as a foundation for the newly baptized student and a compass for the experienced journeyman or master. Such a handbook in size, directive and perspective has not been available to the young neurosurgeon in the past. It is long overdue and will be as essential to them as their reflex hammer or imaging device. Bravo, Mr Adams! Bravo, bravissimo!”

Michael L.J. Apuzzo, M.D., Ph.D (hon), Yale Department of Neurosurgery